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About WeThePeople-Patriots-Pilgrims-Prophets
“We the People” - patriots, pilgrims, and prophets is a team of volunteers that has risen from the ashes of Dr. Ben Carson's 2016 political campaign to receive the nomination of the Republican Party to run for President of the United States. However, this is not a political campaign. The primary focus is educational. 

Dr. Carson's campaign is the seminal inspiration for the “We the People” network because the good doctor truly believed that Americans needed to be re-acquainted with their true history and the original ideals and principles woven into the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Ben Carson wrote of this in his book, One Nation:

"Our nation’s founders felt very strongly that our system of government could only survive with a well-informed and educated populace. They understood that if the populace reached the point of not being able to critically analyze information, it would easily fall prey to slick politicians and unethical news media. All citizens need to arm themselves with a basic knowledge of American history and stay abreast of current events, analyzing them with respect to history. Knowledge is power and at a time when the people are becoming increasingly impotent while government grows larger and larger and more powerful, it is vital that we arm ourselves with knowledge."

Dr. Carson’s efforts before, as well as during his campaign for POTUS, focused on America’s historical foundation and the underlying Judeo-Christian values at the core of the nation. He ran as a Christian, denounced "political correctness," defended our God-given unalienable rights, and sought to enable the people to stand up and speak out, voicing their First Amendment rights. A citizen-statesman, Ben Carson also sought to give a genuine voice to “We the People,” and to enable others to also run similar campaigns. 

Thus, the primary purpose of this volunteer effort is also aimed at reaffirming the original vision of America’s Founding Fathers. “We the People” network is a team of dedicated and independent, grassroots citizen-journalists on a mission to offer their writing and/or editorial talents in creating articles, blogs, op-eds, or letters to the editor with the intent of inspiring Americans to re-examine and re-embrace the original ideals and principles. 

The team of volunteers will promote and protect the common-sense core ideals through various projects. The team will also engage and support public servants who employ founding principles in efforts to positively transform the United States into a more perfect union aligned with the Founder's original blueprints.

The team understands that this is strictly a volunteer effort, and there is no remuneration, nor any kind of compensation for their efforts.

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